What is this?

This is a library to integrate a cool filesystem abstraction named Flysystem with Joomla!

Flysystem benefits

This information is extracted from Flysystem docs:

  • Have a generic API for handling common tasks across multiple file storage engines.
  • Have consistent output which you can rely on.
  • Integrate well with other packages/frameworks.
  • Be cacheable.
  • Emulate directories in systems that support none, like AwsS3.
  • Support third party plugins.
  • Make it easy to test your filesystem interactions.
  • Support streams for big file handling

joomla-flysystem features

  • Fully compatible with Flysystem.
  • Provides wrappers for Flysystem classes to trigger events that joomla plugins can use to customise interaction.
  • Provides a JoomlaFolder which allows access to common joomla folders in a simple common way.
  • 100% unit covered by tests.